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Elips Electronic which joined the Turkish IT industry in 1989 thus far covered a great deal of ground with distinctive marketing strategies and after sales services and today reached a standing that enables it to compete with the prominent firms in the sector. The “Observe the new technology, produce new solutions!” principle which always pioneered when defining strategies was determined when it took its first step.

Elips Electronic always preserved its corporate principles while carrying what the technology offers to the people, it continuously implemented service principles such as quality service and customer satisfaction that became classics, and it constantly advocated that business that is done customer focused definitely brings in more customers.

With the accumulation that is brought with being long years in the sector, without dissociating from the goodwill and integrity merits, determined its current standing with patient, ambitious and courageous advances, and appended its signature to projects that always befitted itself with the significance of this standing.

To respond to the technologic demands of firms or individuals, as well as enhancement of the quality of life, it constantly perceived the renewal necessities in the name of producing more economic and long term solutions and gave the priority to the success of the customer.

With all these experience and success, Elips USA has began its commercial activities in similar structure in Atlanta with a three employee.

Elips USA aims to add know-how and innovation from America to its knowledge in Turkey.

2010 is a year for Elips USA for market analysis in America and export products to Turkey which are economically advantageous.

Beginning from 2011 Elips USA will take a part in any business line and commercial relationship between two countries.

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